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The Southern Highlands Very Own TV

Welcome to the preview page of something very exciting that is coming to the Highlands.

We will be featuring and interviewing local businesses, events, characters and more.

Stay tuned and subscribe to hear about what it happening next!

Cheers from Southern Highlands TV

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About Southern Highlands TV

SHTV was created for the residents and visitors of the beautiful Southern Highlands by Andrew Blaxland from Richardson & Wrench.   SHTV will feature Businesses, Organisations, Characters, Events and anything worthy of a look - in short video form.  So, if you have anything you think is worthy of a look, contact us!

It is FREE  to be featured as business or organisation, as are our editorial pieces.  We come to you, shoot, edit and upload for free.  Andrew is totally and madly in love with living life in The Highlands.  Andrew is an an Award Winning Real Estate Professional who etched out a position of respect and prominence  in an incredibly competitive real estate market on Sydney's Lower North Shore with R&W Mosman & Neutral Bay. He also spent several years in the Film and Television business both behind and in front of the camera.

Passionate about Creating Lifetime Customers (Friends) And Raving Fans, he wrote a book to share his learned insights from some of the best. 

It is a available for FREE to all SHTV Subscibers or via Amazon for $11.99 

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Creating Lifetime Customers and Raving Fans

Techniques and Strategies for growing any business even in the toughest economies.
Just a few of the things you’ll learn in this easy-to-read book include, how to... • Profitably attract more quality customers
• Convert your customers into Advocates who actively and enthusiastically refer you to others

• Keep quality customers for life  • Understand and capitalize on the motives that compel people to make buying decisions • Determine how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer and retain your current customers
• Set you and your business apart from any and all competition • And much more

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